Appventure Games presents “The Secrets of Barcino” – a real-life adventure game about the ancient Roman Barcelona

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Inspired by the Roman legacy of Barcelona, Appventure Games have announced its first game release “The Secrets of Barcino” for iOS and Android phones.

  • This is a game like no other
    From the hundred of apps, touristic routes, books and other activities inspired by the city of Barcelona and its rich history, there’s something missing: A real-life experience where you can have them all at once, and why not in the form of a game.
  • Made by locals
    “The Secrets of Barcino” goes beyond the typical locations and topics by providing a new way to re-discover the city and learn more about its Roman past and secret gems. The game is suitable for anyone living in the city feeling curious about its history, no matter if you are from Barcelona or anywhere else.
  • A real experience
    “The Secrets of Barcino” is an immersive experience that combines rich narrative – in the form of a tale – graphics, real-world exploration an a game play inspired by classic adventure games. The users will put themselves in the shoes of a character while talking to other characters, collecting all kind of objects, resolving enigmas and completing puzzles.

Anyone familiar with treasure hunting, classical Point-and-click adventure games like the Monkey Island saga or newer concepts like Pokémon GO! or Escape Rooms will feel right at home while playing “The Secrets of Barcino”. Colorful and realistic graphics, fictional characters and a story inspired by historical facts, provide a true feeling of the presence in Barcino times.

“We had discussions about what would a local and an expat love to discover in their city – what is more special, hidden and unique, and it felt to us… that the story of Barcino was worth telling and sharing in the form of a different, interactive and fun experience. We’re hoping that this will be just the beginning of a series of games, inspired in Barcelona and other cities” – says Guillem Espias, Co-founder of Appventure Games.

About Appventure Games

“The journey is the reward” – is our motto when creating games. Appventure Games is a studio formed by a multicultural team of entertainment enthusiasts. We seek to create unique experiences, through games that go beyond the typical and conventional, and provide value through education and the promotion of the spirit of adventure and exploration.

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The Secrets of Barcino

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