The Secrets of Barcino: An incredible adventure through the ancient Roman Barcelona

by | Jan 7, 2018

4th century AD

These are convulsive moments for the Roman Empire, and especially for the city of Barcino. Shortly before the annual election of the leader of the Curia (municipal government), the respectable citizen who holds the position falls suddenly, afflicted by a mysterious affectation that makes him a destitute madman, unable to exercise in public affairs. The rumors that speak of a political conspiracy, plotted to remove it from circulation and thus favor the election of an opponent of dubious reputation, reach the ears of a secret and very mysterious organization that ensures social balance in the world. In response to these events, the Organization sends one of its best agents to Barcino, to investigate what happened and return the situation to normal as soon as possible. However, things go wrong when the protagonist exceeds the Potion of Forgetfulness, a concoction used to ensure the anonymity of the organization, and completely loses memory as a result ...

A game like no other

The Secrets of Barcino is a live adventure game set in ancient Roman Barcelona. The player uses the mobile device to follow a walking route through the city (Gothic Quarter), where will discover different points of interest and the vestiges of Barcino while solving riddles and puzzles, through a pre-established plot. During the game, the player must locate the places by itself with the help of certain "magic" devices, engage in conversations with characters, collect and use objects and learn certain details and historical events of the old Barcino in order to progress and reach the final.

The objective of the player is to complete the route established in the game map and get the maximum number of coins (points) and prizes. However, the main objective is to learn about the Roman past of the city and its cultural and monumental legacy, rediscovering the city, in a different and fun way.

Ready for adventure?

You can download the LITE version of the game from App Store and Google Play. Or, if you prefer you can join any of our Meetups, where you can try the experience and share your first impressions with us 🙂

The Secrets of Barcino

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