The Secrets of Barcino at Barcelona’s television Betevé

Jun 23, 2018 | Media

Àrtic, a night show from Barcelona's very own television Betevé, which promotes the latest and most popular trends from the cultural and creative Barcelona, dedicated a short report to The Secrets of Barcino. It was broadcasted on April 19, once again, thanks to Josep Maria Ganyet (who previously featured the game at RAC1 radio) but this time revealing the secrets of Barcino to Flora Saura, host of the show.

Here the video and full transcription of the report:



Let's travel in time and go to Barcelona's roman city of Barcino...

Josep Maria

Yes. It's a kind of tourist route, a book... a treasure hunting in Barcelona -the Roman Barcelona- in the form of an App.


But... is it a game?

Josep Maria

Yes!... It's a game called "The Secrets of Barcino" which takes you to the ancient Barcelona in a company of a few Roman characters. It geolocates you, it guides you, it takes you around many monuments... it makes you discover the city.


The city and our past... yeah, so cool!

Josep Maria

Yeah! Traveling around the city and traveling through time... very interesting!

The Secrets of Barcino

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