The Secrets of Barcino at top 1 radio in Catalonia, RAC1

May 25, 2018 | Media

On April 4, The Secrets of Barcino made an appearance in "El Món a RAC1", the morning reference space of the leading radio station in Catalonia, RAC1. We have been able to get the audio of the section "Bits" of the show, a "magazine" dedicated to new technologies where you can listen to Josep M. Ganyet revealing the secrets of Barcino to Jordi Basté.

Here the full transcription of Josep M. Ganyet:

"...The Secrets of Barcino is an adventure game that reminds Pokémon GO! a bit, because it makes you wonder around the city and takes you to visit the Roman Barcelona... It's free... it's created here in Barcelona... it's like a tourist route, a book, an activity, all inspired by Roman Barcelona, which allows you to find these little jewels using the Compass of Neptune and some legionaries and characters that give you information... if you want to search "The Secrets of Barcino", you will find it for iOS and Android..."

The Secrets of Barcino

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