An incredible adventure through ancient Roman Barcelona

A live adventure...

Discover the best kept secrets of ancient Barcino as the main character of a live adventure game with unpredictable consequences...


Use your wisdom to unlock new levels. Talk to characters, look for hidden clues and solve puzzles while interacting with the environment.


Visit the ruins and vestiges of the ancient Roman city. Discover unknown curiosities and immerse yourself in the culture of the time as a regular citizen of Barcino.


Accumulate coins with each achievement and use them for your own deals. Be clever, negotiate and gather the knowledge that will allow you to reach the end and win.

The Secrets of Barcino LITE

Now you can tour the streets of Barcino! Download the LITE version of the game from the App Store or Google Play and embark on a unique journey through time, back to the distant Roman past of the city. Free for a limited period of time!

A tale full of charlatans...


He suffers from attention deficit, especially in the days after celebrations and bacchanalia. When in deep sleep, this guy will not be awakened even by all the thunder and lightning in the sky.


Great professional of the brick, always committed to finish his work on time. He builds coliseums, circuses and aqueducts in his spare time... in spite of his lazy partner.


Bloodthirsty combat beast that guards the gates of Barcino. With him two things remain unnegotiable: the application of the dress code and the strict identification of all citizens.


Pubic servant with a rather questionable reputation. Like his robust companion, he puts a lot of effort in guarding the access to the city, despite being ridiculously small.

...and magical objects that will help you reach your destiny.

Compass of Neptune™

Arriving from the depths of the Mare Nostrum, this marvel of mythological engineering will allow you to navigate right to the far reaches of the Empire. Used by numerous legendary heroes in their maritime journeys, it has been and will continue to be a fundamental tool in an endless number of adventures... even though it must still demonstrate its magical powers inland.

Coming soon, prizes and exclusive offers for you...

In exchange for each enigma you solve, you will get discounts and promotions in a careful selection of bars and restaurants full of charm, local shops and other establishments located within the circuit of the game. Use them instantly or whenever you want!

The Secrets of Barcino

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